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Universal Metering Interface 
UMI (Universal Metering Interface) is a set of 3 free specifications to help you develop secure, inter-operable smart metering and smart home products:  

  • UMI-S-001 - Main UMI specification : Defines Application layer, Link layer and Physical layer (for modules based on SPI)
  • UMI-S-002 - UMI-opto specification : Defines how the UMI Application and Link layers are used over EN62056-21 optical port Physical layer
  • UMI-S-004 - UMI-security specification : Defines 2 security schemes (ECC-256 asymmetric, AES-128 symmetric)

The UMI Application Layer packet format is used inside UMI products, but can also can act as a Secure Data Packet that can be tunnelled through insecure communications channels to achieve secure end-to-end communications outside the UMI products.
UMI is free to use.
UMI is already used in several smart metering products, including the European smart gas meters from Elster.
UMI modules are available for ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus, GSM and WiFi.

Please contact if you would like to develop a UMI product or a UMI communications module.

Meter developed using UMI

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